Profiles produced by Notorious | Tue, 12/06/16 @ 02:10 pm | 0 replies
<p><span style="font-family:'comic sans ms', cursive;">Just came back from a chat break and I see buzzen changed the way profiles work. Does anyone know the new address for profiles or have a new profile reader. Thanks</span></p>
General Discussions produced by chain | Fri, 03/25/16 @ 01:37 pm | 0 replies
We at ChainScriptz would like to wish all our members and there family a happy easter. <br /> <br />
General Discussions produced by chain | Mon, 03/21/16 @ 10:27 pm | 0 replies
<br /> Requiring police to wear body cameras is still controversial in some districts, but the frequency of such requirements has exploded in recent years, thanks in part to high-profile cases of misconduct recently caught on tape. In many cases, these cameras are being rolled out before policy for their use has been finalized. As in many other areas, technological capability has already...
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<br /> Over the past few weeks we&rsquo;ve written about AMD&rsquo;s XConnect technology, and its cooperation with both Intel and Razer to create an external graphics specification that wouldn&rsquo;t depend on any one vendor, chassis, or technology. The Razer Blade Stealth and Razer Core are the first laptop and external chassis to come to market featuring this capability, and...
Scripting News produced by chain | Sun, 03/20/16 @ 05:38 am | 0 replies
I still have a few more scripts ill be adding to site that no one else may have but as long as the site is up and running i will continue.
chit chat produced by chain | Sun, 03/20/16 @ 05:32 am | 4 replies
Today I finally went to see Chatzinc and was quite impressed with the layout. they are working hard and doing a great job in making a good chat server, they have unicode nicks and best of all if your a huge fan of trivia well thats the biggest chat place that has a huge variety of triva rooms. they keep updating and continue to improve on the chat server. I like the fact that you dont need...